It is funny how things are nowadays. Life is so just so stressful. At times I just want to push the pause button and just take a deep breath. I have this one person who I feel is so close but lately has been so distant. I really dont know what went wrong and seriously it such a mystery. I sometimes wonder why cant people just talk and clear things out why is that big silence there with full of assumptions. I mean why cant things be just simple instead of we making things so twisted that they ultimately become so complex that by the time you try to unwind it you just end up giving up. Why do we have to reach that stage why do we realize the importance of anything whether a person or anything so late. Life is so short and so dam unpredictable that by the time you realize things you not only lose that moment but that person itself and then its just that question you are stuck up with. You just tell yourself why the hell didn’t I listen to my instinct my feelings, why did I walk away, why couldn’t I just talk to her or him. This realization when it hits it is so late that you have to live with it your entire life. I don’t like that we don’t talk, I don’t like that we are not able to be ourselves with each other and most of all I don’t like the fact that you question my feelings and I break when you blindly decide things and judge me. I am me and no one can be me. You are you and no one can be like you, not now or ever. Just keep that in mind.

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