Why is Everything so Heavy?

I haven’t written anything decent that’s unrelated to work in what feels like an eternity. Is personal blogging still alive? Who cares, though. I’m happy to have found this outlet for my words.

Today was not a good day. A rock icon, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, committed suicide. I personally am not a big fan of the band before due to the genre but the incident still made a bigger impact on me than what I would have expected. I listened to their songs all day in the office and the lyrics hit me so deep, I can’t believe I did not listen to them much when Chester was still alive. The words spoke to me because I’m undergoing something heavy for quite sometime now. I’m not sure if this is depression. I don’t want to label it anything because I’m not a professional and I believe it’s irresponsible to use a term as heavy as depression casually. Although what I’ve been feeling is anything but casual. Earlier, I finally decided to take this seriously and handle it responsibly before I reach a slippery slope and the pain becomes too difficult for me to bear. I told myself I’ll undergo psychotherapy and find out once and for all why I’m in a perpetual state of emptiness.

The title of this entry is an ode to Chester. Until the very end, the words from their songs have helped someone verbalize the turmoil inside their mind.

P.S. Image header is from Pinterest.

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