[22.2] ~*Sat – 07/22/17*~

[11:56 pm] 

I talked to mom and she did go bring a balloon to dad. She did yesterday as she was working this morning but they also had a thunderstorm last night so she said the balloon had moved but she placed it back today. She asked about what we were gonna do when she comes over and I’m very disappointing as it looks like we won’t be doing anything exciting as the jail guy never got back to me. I’m so upset about it! I will text him one last time tomorrow but I’m pretty sure at this point that I’m just wasting my time. I’m still not gonna tell her where I wanted to bring her just in case we end up going later although I don’t know if I even want to go anymore as this is just frustrating. I mean, I drove to the dam jail to do the booking in person but the guy was busy so he told me to text him so I did and I’m nowhere with it. I’m just so pissed that I don’t even know if I’d want to go later on. Knowing myself, I’ll prob go even if I’m super pissed cause I just want the experience so bad. I guess like everything else going on in my life, we shall wait and see. 

I’ve finished watching Switched At Birth so now I’m sad. Every time a show ends I get so sad as it’s like I’m losing a part of me for some reason. I actually hadn’t realized the show was over. I saw I was getting close to the last episode that was available so I thought I was catching up but turned out that it actually ended not long ago. That show made me want to sign so bad. I had downloaded an app but it’s not all that great so I’ll have to look for something else. 

A guy from the store had left a voicemail on the home phone to see if I could pick him up tomorrow. I kinda feel bad,I ignored his call and didn’t call back cause I don’t want to pick him up. When ever we work together he calls to have a drive and I’m tired of it. I need to make a detour to go get him and he never once said thank you or offered a bit of money. I mean, he pays a taxi to get to work so he could at least offer me $5 once in a while. I don’t know.. I’m just annoyed and I’m not the only one. Another girl would also makes a detour at night to drive him home and he just takes it for granted so she stopped or at least wanted to as she’s on a sick leave right now. I still feel bad but I also don’t want to make the detour. 

Anyways, it’s already midnight so I shall read a little before getting some sleep. I hope the day goes by fast tomorrow. I never want to work at the store lately. 




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