[22.1] ~*Sat – 07/22/17*~

[6:47 pm]

No brunch for today as I woke up at like 2:30 pm. It’s like, if I don’t have to be up I will never get up. I wake up, look at the time, see that I could be sleeping more so I go ahead and push back the time on my alarm. I do that like 3-4 times. It’s quite annoying! Hub’s working from 12-8 today and he came to bed at like 6 am and woke up with his alarm at 10 am. That said, he got a 4 hrs sleep and he still got up. When his alarm rang I had 6 hrs sleep and I told myself I should get up so we could go to brunch before he has to go to work but of course, I just kept sleeping. I really don’t know how he does it. To be fair, I do kinda need at least 7-8 hrs of sleep as I take a sleeping pill to sleep but still. At least my back wasn’t too sore when I finally got out of bed. That was surprising! I did do a lot of weird dreams though. I need to make a research as for some reason when I’m hungry before bed I eat some cheese which is probably not a good idea and hub once told me that eating cheese before bed gave you bad dreams. Not too sure about bad dreams, but it might give you a lot of weird dreams as I think I do always dream a lot when I eat cheese. I’ll need to check it up online and pay attention when I eat cheese before bed and see if I dream a lot on those nights. I think this is another reason why I make myself stay in bed longer. When I have a nice dream or what ever and it get disrupted by me waking up, I just try to go back to sleep hoping I will go back to that dream but of course, that never happens.

As always, I feel bleh on Sat. I don’t really know why but since my dad passed I’ve been feeling bleh on Sat’s. He passed on a Fri but the next Sat I did go to work as it was only watching a movie with my client and I figured it would be better than to stay home and feel sad but after leaving the movie I just felt weird and I pretty much have been feeling the same way every Sat since then. I don’t really know how to explain it. My heart doesn’t really beat faster but it sorta feel that way and I need to take deep breaths and I just feel weird and sad inside. So that is how I am feeling right now and even more as it would be my parents 50th today. I can’t believe they were so close and didn’t make it. My mom’s wedding band is too small for her and my dad had to get his cut when he was in an accident cause they couldn’t take it off so my mom always said she would have them fix for their 50th but sadly my dad passed a year too soon. I just tried calling her as I’m pretty sure she said she was working this morning but she wasn’t home. She said she was gonna go put a 50th balloon on his grave today so I wanted to know if she did.

Beside that, the movie was sorta not that great. We watched Baby Driver and I thought I would enjoy it more but meh. I’m actually surprised that I didn’t fall asleep. I also feel bad cause since I got 2 more hours with this client I put one back on Thu where he had lost one and since I couldn’t put the extra one there cause I have someone else right after I decided to put it on Sat but I guess he hadn’t understood me when I told him I was doing that as when he signed the paper today he was like “Oh I didn’t realize we had 5 hrs today.” so that made me feel super bad cause I feel like I’m taking advantage of him as I know he’s not using all the hours but I still mark them to get paid. I always feel bad when I get paid for hours that I don’t actually do, like when my clients cancelled and I’m still paid but the thing is, if I wasn’t it wouldn’t even be worth working my job as I would be losing way too many hours per week. In this case, I might try to make it work so that the extra hour goes on Thu but then I’d have to change my other client to later or earlier in the morning and I don’t really want to change her later cause sometimes when I need Wed off I take one of my Wed client out on Thu evening so then it would change everything and I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore so that doesn’t help me at all. I’d have to change that client to the morning so it would work out but then I’d have to wake up earlier so bleh. I guess we shall see with the time how it goes, I’m going to leave it like it is right now unless he complains about it.

Since I wasn’t really feeling too cheered up I wanted to go sit at that fountain once again or just go sit at the park. I was debating really hard on what to do and decided to just come home cause it’s still sorta warm outside. I also felt like writing so I decided to come home as I rather type on the PC than my phone. I called up my friend and of course, she wasn’t home either. I tell ya, her and mom are always on the road. I checked my mail which is something I rarely do. Haha! I had gotten a free $5 play at the Casino and of course it ended like 2 days ago. Blah! I could of maybe made some money with that $5. I also got my Internet/Phone bill and I’m super pissed. They had sent us a thing saying it was gonna go up $6 and I made hub call cause we’re on a term thing of 3 years which means it’s not supposed to affect us but of course it always does. The first time I called them and they changed it and actually made our bill a bit lower than it was before they had added the $6 so when they did it a second time I decided to not bother and just pay it. This time, it’s too much. They upped their price of $6 twice in the laps of like 6 months. This time hub called and he couldn’t talk to someone that could fix that for him so they said someone would call back but of course, no one ever did. I received my bill last month and it was still the same amount so I figure they had fixed it and just never called us cause I’m sure the new price was supposed to start last month so I was all happy about that but nope, I just got the new bill and the new price is there which is making me super mad. I wish I could do without the Net cause dam it’s getting ridiculous. We also pay for the TV which we NEVER watch as we stream everything on the PC so I wanted to get rid of that but it’s as expensive to have just the Net and phone then the three things so I decided to keep the TV. To actually have it cheaper we’d need to get rid of the home phone and just have the Net but I don’t know, for some weird reason I don’t want to get rid of my home phone although it’s sorta useless as we always use our cellphones. Bleh! Hope hub will call them back and deal with it cause I really don’t feel like dealing with them.




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