[22] ~*Sat – 07/22/17*~

[2:18 am]

First, I just got a scared. Parts of my phone screen’s wasn’t working anymore. I was trying to type in the website and couldn’t cause when I’d tap on letters it would just do nothing. I really got scared that my phone’s screen was fucked up. Glad it got fixed when I restarted my phone as I don’t want to be getting a new one. 

Anyways, I just felt like writing cause I washed our bed sheets and it smells so good when you walk in the bedroom. Always feels nice to sleep in some clean sheets. I just felt like having some clean sheets tonight so I washed them even though it was late. Not bad since I can sleep in as my client cancelled for tomorrow morning. I’m being spoiled! I’ve been having morning cancellation a lot this week so I’ve been able to sleep in. That said, I’d want to go to brunch tomorrow but we all know I’ll be waking up at the last minute so I don’t even know why I’m still thinking about it. 

I feel like I’ve accomplish a lot tonight even if it’s not that much. I, of course, watched some Switched At Birth and played on my farm. I did the dishes, took a bath, washed the bed sheets, put away laundry of yesterday that I hadn’t done, swept the floors. And, my day of work wasn’t too bad although it was still pretty warm. We did have some showers and thunder though. 

I was also able to go to the office to get my hard earned money. My client only took an hour of his time so that gave me time to go to the office and also go to the bank to deposit the check. 

I guess I should get to my reading if I want to do some before sleeping. 




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