Day 22 – 30 Days of Summer

Naps are the greatest. There’s nothing more cozy or satisfying than closing your eyes, shutting off your brain and snuggling in for an afternoon nap.

In the summer, my nap can be outside in the sun on the patio couch, in the sunroom basking in a sun stroke if it’s cooler outside, or in bed cuddled under the blanket maybe listening to the wind or raindrops on the balcony.

No matter where the nap is…it’s going to be awesome….because it’s a nap!  We don’t get many of them when we’re grown ups because we’re damned busy and the days fly by as we’re living them.  

Now that my world has slowed down and my days are easier, there’s more time for napping. Like today for example.  Awake at 4:30am and up at 6:00am (this is not normal for me), by 12:30pm I was beat.  Time for a nap. Today it was straight into bed and out like a light. I probably overslept because I was sound asleep for 4 hours….and it was perfect.  

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