[23] ~*Sun – 07/23/17*~

[7:39 pm]

I’m so mean! I didn’t drive that guy from work this morning cause I didn’t feel like making a detour BUT I drove another guy home after work which lives even farther. Yep, meanie me! I just don’t mind driving him home as he lives way farther and is always walking and it was warm outside. He at least doesn’t bug me for free drives so I don’t mind offering him one once in a while. I was also debating on going to the dear fountain or not so that made me decide not to go as I wasn’t going in the same direction. He lives the next street over my friend’s so I had decided to go see her but she wasn’t home, or at least I don’t think so as her car wasn’t there so I went and got myself some BK and a yummy milkshake.

I got home and saw that hub hasn’t cleaned the suggies kitchen so I wanted to send him a text about it but I decided to be nice and just let it pass for this time and I guess I’ll do it a bit later. I already gave him half his tags but he hasn’t even used them yet. I guess he might on his days off although mom is coming so we prob will be doing stuff. I still have no clue what we’ll be doing as I texted the jail guy AGAIN earlier for one last time but still nothing. I’m very very disappointing with this!

Anyways, work was hell today. I worked with the assistant manager (the guy I drove home) and he asked me to merchandise which I hate doing. Took me forever to finish my end cap as I always needed to go be back up at cash so I didn’t really clean anything today. I cleaned one aisle and the store was a mess. The manager will shit her pants tomorrow morning. I’m not taking the blame thought. So the day went fairly quickly but not enough for my liking. As usual, my feet are killing me and I still have a darn headache since that day we went for a walk in the heat.

I’m finally getting my hair done tomorrow. Woot woot! I so can’t wait to have the color redone, of course, but also to have the darn underneath shaved as it’s been so warm this past week.

Now I need to find a new show to watch as I finished Switched At Birth last night. I really don’t know what to watch next. I know there was some shows I always wanted to watch but I can’t think of any right now. Maybe I should look for a movie instead.


[8:09 pm]

Haha! My aunt just called me to know where I was supposed to bring my mom this week. My mom thinks we were supposed to go to the tree house camping which is closer to her place than mine and my aunt’s coming to town with her so she was scared that she’d be stuck over here if we ended up going that way for camping. Made me laugh! I didn’t tell her where I wanted to bring mom just in case she’d say something but I told her it wasn’t there so she could still come.

Looks like it’s official that we are not going to jail Tue as I just checked the website for fun to see what was the price today (I do it every day) and BAM, it’s sold out for that day. JUST BLAH! I really can’t believe this at all.

Now I just feel so bleh. I want to sing. Singing always made me happy even if I can’t sing. I was getting better at it but I’ve stopped a while back. I used to play this singing game ALL THE TIME. I was pretty much addicted to it. It was cool! You could sing and let people listen to you and they would vote on who sang the song better. I really miss that game, it sucks that it closed up and no one ever did another one. I found some karaoke website but it’s not the same at all. I really wish I could find another game like that cause it helped me out a lot when I was sad as I’d always spend my time on there singing or listening to other sing.

Oh, I’ve also talked to mom and she said her balloon was already gone. The thing to hold it was still there and the string but the balloon was gone. I guess dad didn’t want it. Hehe! The wind must have took it or something. It’s the thought that counts though. I thought it was cute of her.


[10:58 pm]

I did the dishes and took a long relaxing bath. Now, I’m listening to Linkin Park which makes me sad as the singer was found dead on Thu. When I played that singing game, Linkin Park was something I’d ALWAYS sing. In The End was my song! I also used to sing What I’ve Done and New Divide a lot. Good times, good times! I always wanted to go see one of their show and now it’s sad cause I won’t ever get the chance to do it. Not sure if they will get a new singer or what not but it will never be the same.  =(




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