I finally spoke with my Manager about getting more hours, he said he would do his best. Within this conversation I came to find out he has no intention of giving me full time hours. This isn’t ideal, but I’ll manage to pull through some how. The search to find something full time is on, but how far will I sink until I find something?


Had I known the intention for full time hours were never there, I would have been looking for something full time, not part time during the morning, that will be meet all my needs. This just opens up what I could be looking for. Another cook job is out of the question.


Ann and I spent quite sometime at my mothers house today. I washed both of my cars, as I’m getting ready to sell the intrepid. I need the money to get by. Even thought I really don’t want to. I wanted to sell it to my mother to keep it in the family and I could eventually buy it back from her. Why I love that car so much U have no idea, but I do. I’ve had it for so long, have been through so much with that car, it got me every place I needed to go and never let me down. I can’t even say that about most of my friends or family. It’s old I know, but it’s mine. Anyways, we had dinner there, I helped my mother husband power was the house. It was a decent day. Ann spent most of the time with my mother, that could have been damaging….I have to ask Ann what she had to say.


Thing with Ann and my self have been nothing short of amazing. When we first started dating, I was very scared, for her, for my self, what other may say after what happened. I’m not scared anymore, We’re very open with each other, it’s weird actually. We both have an understanding of what the other one is going through personally, and as a couple. It makes me realize how important communication really is. Even in the smallest of the sense. Whether it be talking about your deepest secrets, to giggling at meme’s and explaining why they are so hilarious to you, or belting songs out in the car as you drive. It builds a connection you couldn’t imagine. Half the time words aren’t even necessary. Your eye’s speak for you, your touch expresses for you, your body tells your story for you. It’s a love words just cant describe.



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