Day 23 – 30 Days of Summer

Family gatherings aren’t always the most fun. Sometimes I just don’t even like them and will avoid attending if I can.  Be honest, we’ve all avoided them more than once.  But today I was excited for our family gathering because I finally got to meet Louisa.  

A perfect name like Louisa dreams up images of a perfect human being full of sunshine and love…..and that’s exactly who she is.  

Louisa is my 18 month old niece (great niece?), Heather’s daughter, and she’s pretty much the cutest human being on the planet right now.  I was hoping she wouldn’t be shy and she wasn’t.  She crawled into my lap right away and started giggling and playing.  

I loved every minute of my time with her and we had so much fun.  She’s off to home today, back to Oregon and she’ll be so much more grown next time I see her; so today I soaked in every minute of little girl love and cuddles. 💗

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