[24] ~*Mon – 07/24/17*~

[6:53 pm]

Man, I really need to start going to bed earlier or something as I’m always tired in the morning. I blame this on my farm game. It resets at midnight so when it does, I do all my tasks right away so then I know I won’t be missing any if ever I can’t play the next day. That said, it takes almost an hour to get everything done so by then it’s 1 am and of course I want to read before sleeping. I just feel like I’m missing something if I don’t read at least a bit before sleeping. It’s just wrong! So yea, I end up taking my pill at 2-2:30 which is less than 8 hrs sleep so I’m still sleepy when I have to get up. I had a client at 9 this morning and she only took an hour out of her three so what did I do?! That’s right, came back home and went back to bed from 10 to 11:30. I really don’t understand why I always end up back in bed when I have free time between clients and I go home. I could of went on the PC or what not but nope. 

My last client of the day had cancelled so I only had to really work from 12 to 4 which wasn’t too bad. I really didn’t feel like walking today so I didn’t take my client for a walk and she never mentioned it so I’m pretty sure she was happy with that. I took her to Magic Mountain cause I didn’t really know what to do and we ended up playing a bit in the arcades which was nice. I might take mom there tomorrow as there’s a few games we could play and the mini golf is also there and she had mentioned wanting to go there. I don’t even know if she ever played that. So that could be something to do as I really don’t know what we’ll be doing as we’re not going to jail. I’m still very much disappointing with that but what can I do?! I just hope the guy is OK and nothing happened to him.

I’m getting my hair done right now and writing while I’m waiting for the bleach to set which should be done real soon so I guess this shall be all for now.





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