Day 24 – 30 Days of Summer

After a whirlwind of activity and disorientation, followed by “what the f just happened”, Jim finally hit the road for BC this morning with his brother.  No parents on the trip. They cancelled last minute, long story, no need to explain. 

When you have resolved to something and at the last minute it gets changed, everything starts swirling, reason leaves your brain and you’re not really sure what to do. That’s what happened to Jim and Doug this morning.  But with some thinking, quick planning and healthy road snacks (all provided by me 😊), they set out for Penticton on their own.  I’m excited for them to have a brother trip. Something they’ve never done before and might not ever do again. 

Once my brain settled down, my thought was – why didn’t I go with them?  Made me kind of sad for a bit and then I remembered…..I get the house all to myself again for a week!  So I washed my sheets, fluffed my pillow, filled my fridge with food I can eat while standing there with the doors open and went for a bike ride. 

I have 8 glorious days to enjoy the sun and the quiet, no cooking or cleaning (ok maybe a little cleaning) and just bliss for me. Staycation commence! 🌞

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