Journal Entry #37 (Murphy’s Law)

Note: I somewhat overexaggerated the intensity of the last post. My anxiety makes small problems seem like the end of the world to me.

After my last entry, we were rushed to breakfast and I forced myself to eat even though I wasn’t hungry. My brothers and I were then told to pack up cause were we going to leave the hotel and head home. During the packing time, I began to feel sick. On the ride home, I was tired because I had been up all night (I’m a night owl) and it was 11:00 AM and I hadn’t slept yet. So, I took a nap and suddenly woke up some time later feeling horrible, like I had to throw up. Timeskip to the point where I end up in a Circle K bathroom trying to throw up so I can make it the rest of the way home when my dad suddenly needs to use to bathroom. Then some other guy. I just got a Sprite and left.

The rest of the trip was hell for me, as I was trying to hold down my lunch….er, breakfast. When we got home, funnily enough, I felt somewhat better. And then I didn’t, and expelled my guts into the toliet. But, at least I was home!

I woke up an hour ago. It’s currently 2:30 AM and I’m feeling a little better (trying not to jinx things lol). Today, my dad is supposed to be making us all go to a movie thing with someone (I forgot who) and their kids. Funnnnnnnn. My brothers and I have already decided to charge our phones for today so we can listen to music through the whole movie. I hope I don’t get sick at the movie….

With that being said, I’m going to try to calm down and relax as my anxiety is killing me.

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