[25] ~*Tue – 07/25/17*~

[11:49 pm]

Dang I’ve been busy! I didn’t even had time to come write last night as I got to bed late and was way too tired to write or even read. It was around 10 pm by the time I was done with my hair. Hairdresser was running late and my hair takes time to do as I got four different colors going on and my hair is really thick. Mom got in town around 8 pm but she went to Jack’s while I was at the hairdresser so I went to see her there when I was done. She wanted to go to the Casino so I left my car there and we went to the Casino. She was also hungry but decided to wait till midnight when hub would be off work so we could go eat somewhere. She had won money at Jack’s but she spent it all back at the Casino, didn’t do any winnings there. By midnight she decided that she just wanted to go eat at McDonald’s which was blah cause that’s what I had ate for supper. Hub met us there so we ate and then me and mom went back to Jack’s cause my car was there. I stayed there a lil with her but then I came back home as it was getting late and I was tired which I shouldn’t of been as I hadn’t done anything of the day and even had a nap not long after I had woken up. Once home I started to watch Game Of Thrones but only got to the middle and was way too tired to finish it and still wanted to take a quick shower before bed as I had hair all over me from the haircut which made me itchy. When I finally got to bed it was almost 3 am so I decided to just take my pill and sleep cause I felt too tired to even read a bit but of course, I couldn’t seem to fall asleep as I kept wondering what was the plan for the next day as we weren’t going to the jail and I still hadn’t figured out what to do.

So today I woke up at noon and we left around 1 pm for our day. We stopped for my friend and went to grab some Greco and ate at the park. We stayed there for an hour and I completely forgotten that I had brought some games with me so we could play. We made our way to Magic Mountain as I had planned to go play mini golf but once we were there my mom asked if we were going to the zoo. I had thought about the zoo but hadn’t planed to go there cause it’s a lot of walking and didn’t know if my friend was fine with it and my mom gets tired as well but looks like she wanted to go so we went. We stayed there for 2 hrs, mom and my friend were getting pretty tired out by the time we got out as it’s a lot of walking. My foot was also hurting as I was wearing my crocks as I hadn’t planned on doing any walking and my sandals broke yesterday. I need to go buy new ones. I wanted to do that today but we didn’t have time. I wanted to go to the mini golf after the zoo but mom and friend were too tired so we decided to go tomorrow instead and we went to the movie earlier. We had an hour to spare so we went to Goji’s for some frozen yogurt which was delicious. We then went to the movie with still a bit more than half an hour left and there was a HUGE line up for our movie. We thought about changing our tickets for the later show but then we would of had a 3 hrs to cover and we didn’t really have anything to do so we decided to just sit at the bottom and it wasn’t too bad. We saw Girls Trip and OMG was it ever funny. So glad we went!

Oh yea, going back to the zoo, we stayed and watch these monkeys for a good 20 mins. The male was so entertaining. He was playing around and the female had a little baby griped on her, it was so cute. Mom kept saying she wanted to see the monkeys but when we got close to there she just wanted to get out of the zoo as she was getting tired. I told her “you’re the one who wanted to come to the zoo so you’re going to SEE the zoo”. I’m so mean! I’m glad I made her go further though cause she would of missed the show. It was awesome! We decided to turn around before getting to the lions thought as it was hot and they were more than likely just sleeping so no point in going all the way there for that. I was a little nice!

So we just go home and I’m writing about my awesome day. I’m glad we had a good day even if my original plans kinda went to hell. We’re hopefully gonna have another awesome day tomorrow as we still have to go play mini golf and in the arcades. Mom said she never played mini golf so can’t wait for that.

By the way, my hair is cool even though she made it quite different than it was before. She had forgotten to get some teal so she made it herself but it turned out a little more green and she didn’t like it so she put it under and put the blue on top instead which kinda blended in with the purple on top of my head so now I’m not too too sure what color is my hair. Certain time the top looks blue and others it looks purple. It surely isn’t bight purple like it was supposed to be as it’s more like bluish but it’s still nice although since she put the blue beside the purple and it’s close in colors when I do my braids the two colors doesn’t mix like it used too with the teal. She called the teal that she made peacock color which I really like the way it came out so I wish she would of put it where it belong but oh well.. I told her I really like the color she made so I’d prob ask her to remake it next time. I guess it keeps it cool, my hair always got the four same colors in it but it never comes out quite the same so it’s the same but not. Oh and I was so darn glad today that I had my hair done yesterday cause it was warm and the underneath was too grown for me. It’s so refreshing to have it shaved and she also made a heart in it. Haha! No one will ever really see it unless I show it to them as I never wear my hair up. I tried today but it’s too short to be in a ponytail and I don’t have the patient to try and make something with it. I usually wear it down anyways. But yea, my hair’s a bit weird as the top is supposed to be purple but looks more bluish, depending on the light. At the salon it looked more bluish but then my friend took a picture and it’s super purple on the picture like it’s supposed to be. It’s just weird! I was in the washroom at the Casino and was looking at myself, in one mirror it looked more blue and the other, purple. Weird, weird!

So yea, that was my fun day and hope there’s another one tomorrow. I shall now go finish my episode of Game Of Thrones and do a little farming as I didn’t have time at all today.




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