Day 25 – 30 Days of Summer

Seriously, this is summer.  5:00pm, on the deck, sun sparkling through the trees, looking out over my yard, taking in everything we have accomplished to make this our home and enjoying an amazing glass of chilled 2012 pear wine from Elephant Island Winery in Naramata.

I don’t stop often enough to really just look at my garden, my life, my world.  Today I am doing just that.  Seeing the waterfall in the pond, the shade of the mature trees, hearing the wind ripple through the rows and rows of trees that make my world private and safe.   I see the collection of ornaments and statues nestled in my yard, each more important than the next, all with meaning, all perfectly placed. The apple tree so full of apples this year….yes I don’t want the apples, but I remember the gorgeous white blooms I enjoyed and am in awe of the fruit this tree will produce without having to do anything for it.  Flowers dotting the yard wherever I look; so many colours, shapes and scents.  Their determination to bloom and dance in the breeze is Mother Nature’s secret only she will ever know. 

It is a very dry year here and yet life is still finding a way, still surviving and making my world and my life feel warm and serene. Even the squirrel who, very often, joins me in my yard is a welcome addition. He might see the same great things I do and love living here….and he’s welcome to stay. 🐿

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