Excited for a New Beginning

Well today I am meeting someone new. Months ago I stopped dating because I was still in love with my ex. I couldn’t move forward without letting go of that. Now, having been freed of that obsession, I am meeting someone today I feel really positive about. We talked yesterday all evening and into the night. I love the way he talks about family and about his daughter. He doesn’t drink or do drugs and he’s working on quitting chewing. He likes the mountains over the ocean and he likes waterfalls and hiking. The things we have in common are crazy coincidental. Every time I’ve made a date I have broken it. The closer it gets to time to meet the less I want to take time out of my life for someone. But with him I can’t wait…I want to spend time with him in person and see if there is the same connection I feel right now. I am hopeful…he is positive and sweet and respectful and complimentary. He is exactly my type and he seems to think I’m pretty great. Fingers crossed!!

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