Forming myself

I want to improve myself, so today I’ve started some easy things to do just that. They seem so silly and unimportant. Walking the dog for an hour each day, controlling my portions, going to bed at a decent time, and journaling.

So today was an okay sleepy Monday. Work was stable, and the skies were filled with big puffy clouds that were strangely yellow…
I saw a monarch flitting around before work. I was early so I stopped at a coffee shop (admittedly it was a Starbucks) and got an iced tea.

Jess and I are rearranging our schedules so we have more time for activity, which included some pre-made breakfasts, from the weekend. They turned out okay, but nothing spectacular. I could almost say the same about lunch. Dinner was really neato though: pasta with  sauteed grated beet (+ extra veg), goat cheese, and toasted almonds. I can’t believe how much Jess liked it 😀 That rocks my socks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of him eating beets.
My walk with Molly this evening was weirdly chaotic. I guess some events are happening in the area, so a park was mostly closed off (boo!), and there were more people out and about than I felt comfortable being around. Molly also needed some help coming down from stairs (her back is still hurting), but otherwise she was delighted that we were finally out exploring. Tomorrow I’ll avoid any stairs.

Until tomorrow

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