MBA Journey

Been ambigous if i can make it. Thesis proposal is quite tough for me since I have no Thesis in college, we only had business planning. The standards are so high, I cn’t even understnd this paradigm sometimes. My head is aching everytime I start to open my laptop and search for readings, facts, about the topic I have chosen to study. Plus this issue that I’ve been thinking for the past three weeks, oh, I think it’s been a month. There are people that judge you immediately without knowing the real story. I just want to shout at the top of my lungs that “stop talking, you’re like a stray dog who barks even if you’re unsure if your bark is worthy”. I already swallowed my pride and yet, it seems that they don’t care, they make you feel that you’re not worthy to keep. So bad… Now let’s go back to this thesis..ahm,whew. So deep, so confidential for the company’s side. Erase bad vibes, erase negative people. I’ll go, and will get going weith tis MBA journey. Till then!

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