My life is a lie.

I am a 15 year old girl who lied to everyone about her spectacular life. The truth is that my life is not at all as spectacular as i saud it was. I never dis anything that I told people I did.  I lied to make friends with people that weren’t really my friends.

I lied about having sex and lied about having a boyfriend. I lied about having friends so my family didn’t think i was lame or a huge loser. 

The worst thing i did was lie about being raped. I know that rape is something you should never lie about but i did. I got sympathy from people ans it felt good. I guess you could say that I’m an attention whore. I liked the attention i was getting but it just doesn’t feel right anymore. 

The truth is that I’m a virgin who has never had a boyfriend in there whole life and probably won’t because guys don’t find me attractive like I thought they did. I may never find a boyfriend or get married but im okay with that.


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