Confessions of an Anonymous Star 7.26

Everything, is perspective…right? 

The penthouse view you see is many things. It’s colorful, elevated, and synonymous for this path of life and livelihood I’ve chosen. 

After the week, month, and even years I’ve sufferingly sojourned through, I’ve had to face a reality. I figured out something very powerful; however, it was n’t anything that anyone directly told me. Still, it is very alive, astute, and real.

With success, you are hated. That is the humongous elephant in the room, that everyone sees, can’t ignore, and reluctantly accepts, in a passive aggressive, jealous laden manner. You see it in their faces, demeanor, and even retorts, if they get close enough. The amazing aspect of it, is that it follows you also. Kinda like that weather worn kitten, from the walk home, that you simply just had to feed. She’s now yours. What are you gonna do? 

The positive, is that most of these types of people, will do nothing beyond what you see or design for them. They’re select of intellect, that they’ve elected, metaphysically surmounts their somehow summoned…loss. 

Breathe…I need to eat…and, instead of using way too much of my time here, I have something else I trilly need to do. I gotta fire I need to light…



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