If not now, when?

I thought I had my life all planned out – college, travel, career. It seemed so easy and carefree, as soon as I could begin my adulthood, I would be on my own and fancy-free. But, as so many of us discover, best-laid plans soon change in ways not imagined. Have you noticed that when it appears the answers are falling into place, all the questions change? 

Up to this point, my writing has centered on the political front (alexandraames.me). Beginning with the Barack Obama campaign in 2008, through his re-election, and then the latest policial escapades, I’ve pondered the ups and downs of politics. But now I find myself in a dizzying spiral, watching the chaos of Trump and his cronies. I just can’t keep up with the news spin.

If you have followed Alexandra Ames through the political phase, please know that I’m not abandoning my political views. It is likely that I will again share my opinions on the US and world government players. However, it is the time that I focus a bit more on my path, what I’m learning, and how I am moving forward. 

The meme I’ve chosen for this first in the new series sums up my feelings these days. I really thought I would have more time to enjoy my post-children life – but I’m finding that it is much more confusing than I anticipated. Hopefully, you will continue to read my blog and chime in with your thoughts and viewpoints.

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