I had a misunderstanding with my boyfriend last night because of comment a friend posted on my PP. He was saying that THAT guy was flirting with me and I told him that he was just simply complimenting me and for him, everyone is FLIRTING! (Even though he’s a jealous guy, I still love him heaps)But I have to admit sometimes that a jealously raised to the nth power can be so vexing.


And! He told me that I’m too naive! NAIVE!


That word  kept on taunting me.
It just makes me feel bad about myself.
Makes me feel like a complete idiot.
Is Naivety equals to being stupid?
Does it represents people intelligence and or how proper you justify things?


Because Naivety for me is believing that good people still exist and or people are still good in nature and that they still mean to do good things unless proven otherwise. We cant be so judgmental all the time. If we are to be, what kind of world would this world be?
Give some credit SOMETIMES. Not all are ill-intention. Not all are flattery, deceit and manipulation.

If one must not be cynical in this cynical world, then I’ll gladly be one of those people who believed that being naive is not something to be ashamed of.


2 thoughts on ““Naivety””

  1. This makes me laugh a little because my boyfriend calls me naive all the time. It’s because we choose to be optimistic. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! So what if he was flirting anyway! That should be seen as a compliment to you both, that he has a woman that other men want. It’s impossible for people to be nice nowadays.

  2. Hi! @crazypants9 absolutely right . I have read an article last day saying that “With so much deceit and anger around us, we forget that there is always a white to contrast the black. Even more, the two opposites are together for a reason: to teach us something valuable.” and I couldn’t agree more. I cant blame him for that, all I could do is to accept it and reassure him.

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