[26.2] ~*Thu – 07/27/17*~

[11:26 am]

Blah! Got to my first client and a random dude answered the door and told me she wasn’t coming out as she was getting ready to go to the hospital. I hope everything is OK with her but she could of called to cancel so I could of went back to bed when mom left. She never calls when she isn’t coming out which is a little annoying. So since I have time to kill I went over to my friend and buzzed twice but she didn’t answer. I didn’t want to call in case she was still sleeping as we prob killed her with the last two days. I wanted to drop the money in her mailbox but I’d want to put it in an envelop which I don’t have with me. Now I’m just parked somewhere and will be doing some reading until my next client which I still hope doesn’t suggest a walk. He probably will as it’s not warm today which reminds me it would be the perfect time to mow the lawn in this temperature. If I didn’t have that extra client tonight I would of had time to do it but I can’t since I’ll only be done at 8. I also could take the time right now to call the Sailing place to see if we can still book something but I really don’t feel like calling. 


[12:02 pm]

I think I really need to try and take my B12 when I get up. I haven’t for the longest time and I’m always tired. I could sleep right now. Time is going by too slowly and reading is just making me want to sleep even more. I still have an hour wait.. Gaw!

I also need to call the Casino to see if mom’s angel is there. Who ever found it probably kept it but never know. Mom said she really didn’t care if she doesn’t get it back but I’m still gonna call just to check in case someone did turn it in. 

Random thing, mom said yesterday that I was conceived on my dad’s birthday. I never knew that and thought it was special. They decided to make me for my dad’s birthday. I’m sure they regretted it after. Haha!


[3:22 pm]

It’s such a nice day today! It’s actually a bit chilly cause the sun is hiding and it’s a little windy. Why couldn’t we have this sort of day the last two days?! Blah!

My second client didn’t even take an hour of his time. We went out to eat, he went to pre-order a game and that was pretty much it. That said, I went back to my friend’s but called this time and no answer. Her car is home so I hope she’s OK and we didn’t kill her. Hehe! I then went to the library a little but it’s only free parking for an hour so now I’m at the park until 4. I’m sitting close to the water park and I wish I had shorts and sandals today cause I’d go soak my legs. I had decided to wear my sneakers today cause of all the walking I did in crocks in the past two days. There’s actually not many kids in the water today. Guess it’s too cold!


[6:00 pm]

I’m starting to worry about my friend as I just went there again and she still didn’t answer. I buzzed and called. Maybe her daughter picked her up for the day. 

Anyways, we’re at the club right now and there’s no one here. This is going to be a very long 2 hrs. I thought there was going to have people as I thought they had activities for the summer but it’s pretty dead. I would of known, I would of went to the store instead or something. Oh well.. Ima sit here and be paid to sit and do nothing. I still need to find games for my phone that doesn’t need data. I really wonder if it would look bad if I’d bring my book inside and read. 

I’m already thinking about food. I wonder what I’ll be eating as I won’t be doing the grocery tonight. I guess I could still go as I can sleep in tomorrow, my client already cancelled me. I was thinking about getting some Dixie Lee and go eat at my friend’s but seems like I can’t find her. I just hope she’s not ignoring me. Bleh!


[7:14 pm]

Time is going so very slowly. I think I will go do a lil grocery in the end cause I want to make myself some nachos when I get home. That sounds good! If I’m to go get the stuff for that I might as well make a grocery while I’m there. I just wish time would be going faster cause I’m dying of boredom at the moment. 




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