[26.1] ~*Thu – 07/27/17*~

[9:55 am]

Mom just left so now I feel sorta sad. I always feel sad when ever she leaves after being here for a few days. I wish we could spend more time together. She normally comes for two days, this time she stayed an extra day but it seems like she stayed less, our time went so fast.

Now I feel like shit and I don’t know what to do. I’m almost sitting here crying and really want to cancel my day of work but I know I shouldn’t. I need to be in a very bad shape to cancel clients but right now I feel nauseated, my head still hurts and I feel like I have no energy at all. One of my leg had cramped last night when we were at the Casino while I was winning some money. At some point I had to stand up to try to make it go away. When I was in bed reading, it came back so I had to get out of bed and walk around the bedroom. Once you have a cramp, it’s very easy for it to come back. I got out of bed this morning cause I had a cramp in not one but both legs. I want to cry! So now both my legs are prone to cramp today which isn’t good at all. I sooo don’t want to go to work.. I feel so very shitty. I think the heat of Tue when we were at the zoo didn’t help and yesterday, we weren’t really in the heat so I don’t know why I only feel like this today. Although, the heat always upsets my stomachs and I had to go to the bathroom like 3-4 times just when we were at the Casino the first time yesterday. Bleh! I know my first client won’t be too bad, she only goes to a store or two for a few groceries. It’s my second one that always wants to go for walks and since it doesn’t seem to be hot today it wouldn’t surprise me that he’d ask for an hour walk or something. I know myself, I know I will push myself to do it but I really shouldn’t today. Mom said I had to tell him I couldn’t walk but I always feel like I shouldn’t be the one to make a stop to what they want to do. Of course, he’s one of the ones I have that is OK by himself (some needs supervision all the time) so technically he could go for a walk by himself but he’d never do that. Ahh.. I just wish he doesn’t mention walking at all so then I won’t have to tell him no or I don’t know if I should just say from the start that I can’t walk today. The one after, she doesn’t come out, she just gives me a grocery list to go get for her so that should be fine as well. My last one, we’re going to the club so I should be OK there too. Only sucks cause today I should be finishing at 6 pm but I have one from 6-8 to cover some time lost yesterday. So yea, the only big concern with my day is the second client. On top of that, I was supposed to call the Sailing place to see if they still have availability for us to go next month and of course I didn’t have time to do it as I was busy with my mom so now I also have to tell him that I didn’t have time to call. Arg! He’s not gonna be too happy with me today. If only he could be too tired to come out and cancel which he did a few times but he hasn’t in a long time so I’m pretty sure I don’t have any luck on that.

Today is supposed to be my grocery day as I finish early but since I’m working till 8, I don’t think I’ll be making one today so I’m not too sure when I’ll have the time. I also need to do a bit of cleaning around the house as we have a bunch of bottles on the counter, camping chairs just on the floor in the kitchen and a few other things. I REALLY wanted to clean all that up last night cause I HATE when things are out of place but I forced myself to walk away and go to the bedroom as it was already super late. I also need to find a new home for my new dragon that I won last night. I wanted to put it on the ledge in the PC room but he’s too big. =(

I also kinda want to go give my friend $50. She owes me like $400, but I know she really needs it. She should of been paid today so she should have money but I know that money won’t last her long. She needs to put like at least $300 on her car for it to pass safety which is at the end of the month (in a few days) and I know she doesn’t have that money. $50 is far from that amount but it’s always a start. I always feel bad when we go gambling at the Casino as she never wins anything. She doesn’t have money to play so mom gives her some and always tells her that if she wins, they will share the winning. She never wins! =(  Well, she did make it to $50 when we went to the  Casino the first time to eat so got $25 which she was so happy about as she was running out of diet coke so that’s where she put her money and bought some food for her cat. So yea, I told mom before she left that I sorta wanted to give her a bit of money from my winning and she said she was thinking about the same although mom ended up losing everything as she went back to Jack last night and spent all her winnings so she’s going home about $100 in the hole. I asked her if she wanted money as I won and she wasn’t supposed to pay for anything during our two days and she paid like at least $125 from her pocket so that is more savings that I did. She’s also the one who paid my new sandals so I feel really bad about making money cause it’s paying back what I spent. She said she didn’t need it. She was talking about having to pay her rent really soon, I kinda want to just pay off her rent one month and surprise her or something. I’d need to get in contact with her landlord. Maybe not the whole $750 but at least cover a part of it. Of course the whole thing would be even better cause she’d go to pay her rent and the landlord would tell her “Oh it’s already been paid”. Would be nice! Yea, If I wanna do that, I really need to go work and not lose 9 hrs of work on top of the 4 that I lost yesterday. Maybe I’ll do it for Christmas as her birthday is close to that time so it could be a Christmas/Birthday gift although I don’t believe or celebrate Christmas. Guess we shall see in time.

My stomach starting to feel upset again so I guess I shall go and I also need to start getting ready as I have a client in like 40 mins. I was sorta hoping she’d cancel but we all know I’m not that lucky. I’m still shocked I won that much last night.

ARG! WTH?! The “update” button doesn’t want to work. I click on it and it just doesn’t do anything so all I wrote won’t save right now. I just checked “My Journal” and nothing of this entry is there. Way to piss me off even more! I guess I’ll have to copy-paste this and save it in my email and come paste it here later on cause I surely ain’t writing all this back.




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