[26] ~*Thu – 07/27/17*~

[1:14 am]

I was on a roll of writing at least once a day on here but looks like I just broke it as I can only write now and it’s past midnight so technically I missed a day. Oh well.. I just got home not too long ago so I couldn’t write before now. I can’t believe it’s already 1 am, I don’t know where the day went.

Before I start talking about my day I just wanted to say that I finally realized that I could use my tablet’s keyboard case on my phone to type in bed instead of using my phone’s screen. I don’t know why I didn’t think about trying this before now. It surely is way easier to type and faster than using the phone’s screen and then I can do my writing in the bedroom. I never use this case for the tablet as I don’t use it to type. Only reason I have it is cause it came with the tablet but now I finally have usage for it. I actually just dug it out from the closet which it had been in for at least 2 years.

Anyways, let’s begin with my second awesome day. Again, I woke up at noon, we picked up my friend and went out to eat at the Casino. We played a little bit in the machines but didn’t win anything. After that we went to Magic Mountain to play mini golf but it was so hot that we decided that we’d go back later in the evening when it wouldn’t be as warm. We had no idea what to do and I still needed sandals so we drove hub back home so he could go get some sleep as he hadn’t slept much and left for the mall. There wasn’t much left in sandals so I didn’t really have any choices in what to get, especially with my foot so I had to take the one pair that fit. I don’t like them much but I need something for the rest of the summer so hopefully they will be alright. Can’t be worse than the broken ones I have.

Once we were done shopping, we came back home to get hub but he didn’t wanted to get out of bed so we left without him to finish our day of fun. We went back to Magic Mountain and played in the games which was crazy. I tried the first game and didn’t win. Mom tries, she wins, friend tries and she also wins. Blah me! So my friend got two stuffed animals for those two wins. We try the second game, my friend wins again. She gave me that win so I got myself a stuffed animal. Third game, friend wins AGAIN so she changed one of her small prize to a bigger one. I got a win on this game as well so I also traded my prize for a bigger one so I got the dragon I wanted since Monday when I had went with a client. WOOT WOOT! I really didn’t think we were gonna win anything but my friend was on a roll with winning. We got to the lobster game that I had wanted to try so much but my friend went first as she was on a roll but it ended there. The game was way too hard so me and mom didn’t even try that one. We tried the fifth one and didn’t win anything. We then each tried a second time a different game and nothing. The luck was over so we went over to the mini golf which we had a blast. It was mom first time playing and she really enjoyed it. We were pooped after that so we went to eat at Swiss Chalet which was delicious. I wanted to go back to the Casino to try my luck. Mom gave me $20 to play and I took out $60 then I played $60 of my money and took out $550. Still can’t believe I won all that money. Awesomeness!! I spent about $200 for the two days so that means I made like $300 clear so that’s pretty good.

Mom had a kind of a clear rock with an angel in it for luck and she had took it out when she was last playing and she forgot it at the Casino. I’ll have to call them tomorrow to see if someone turned it in but probably not. She said it might bring luck to someone else if someone ended up finding it and keeping it.

So yea, that was pretty much my day. It was so much fun but sad that hub didn’t come to Magic Mountain with us. I guess that made me save some money. Haha! Now I’m pooped but I don’t feel like sleeping. I didn’t even had time to do my task on my farm so I’m debating on doing it now or not as it’s already 1:30 am and I work tomorrow at 11 which I really don’t want to be doing. I’m thinking of cancelling my first client but I know I shouldn’t. I’m also working later tomorrow cause I’m taking a client from 6-8 to replace his time of today. Bleh! I wish I could sleep in tomorrow. Now I know why I only have a day off a week, having two is way too much work. Lol! Having a day off is more work than actually working.

I’m still not too sure about the “new” color of my hair as like I said before, the purple and blue are too close in colors so it’s doesn’t do a mix anymore when I make my braids. Oh well.. I love when I just went to the hairdresser. My hair is so smooth and smells so good. I don’t know if it’s the shampoo that smells like that or the dye but it smells good. My hair doesn’t seem to smell anything when I wash it with the shampoo I have and it’s also not as smooth. I wish I could always have it washed by the hairdresser. Once again, I was so glad I had it cut before doing all this fun stuff as it was warm and I would of died without the undercut.

Alright, it’s super late and I would like to get a little bit of reading done before sleeping and maybe do a few tasks on my farm game as well so I better get to it if I want to have more than six hours to sleep.

Holy! I almost just had a heart attack. When I finished typing I unplugged the keyboard before updating my entry and when I unplugged it, it closed the window so I was sure it hand’t saved any of what I had just wrote but luckily it did. Phew! I think I would of cried if I had to retype all of it. 




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