amazon scam.

At the beginning of the month, I ordered two school books off of Amazon. The first one arrived within the due date with no problems at all. The second one, however, didn’t arrive. It’s been more than a week now. So I went back to the third-party seller’s account and saw that all of the most recent feedback was horribly negative.

The book was only two dollars… So it’s not like I (well, technically my mom) spent a ton of money on it. But it was highly frustrating to just not have the order arrive after we’d already paid for it. So we tried to contact the seller, only to get an email that said that the seller had already left Amazon. What the fuck?

So now I’m not really sure how to proceed. I don’t know if I can file an “A-to-Z guarantee claim”, since I can’t actually contact the seller and obviously can’t wait two business days for them to not contact me. Hmmmm…


Also, today we went to Target so I could buy a sketchbook. I chose the cheapest one, which was 3.24, but when the cashier scanned it the price was 6.49, so we returned it and went back to check the price-sticker thing on the shelf, and the item really was written as being priced 3.24, but when we scanned the item it was still 6.49. So my mom (to my utter shock and embarrassment lol) took the entire strip of price stickers off the shelf and took it and the sketchbook to the same cashier, who was really nice and just sold it to us for 3.24. I guess because he knew we weren’t lying lmao. I felt really awkward during the whole thing, but my mom said that since the price wasn’t labeled right, then we should tell the store so they would correct it, and that when she worked as a cashier, if the price wasn’t labeled right, then she would have to sell the item for the price that it had been labeled as. I guess that makes sense…? I just hope the cashier didn’t think we were weirdos lol. This is what bothers me about shopping and buying things… it’s so awkward if they make a mistake and I’m really anxious about correcting them, because I might just be dumb and not understand something, and they actually were doing things right.

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