What a awesome time I had last weekend with my husband (Scott) and friends Andréa and Tom. We decided to visit all the local and minor Baseball leagues of the City or town where they play. Saturday we all met at Gateway transit center and hopped the Max here in Portland Oregon. So we headed out to watch the Hillsboro Hops.   The stadium was really nice and the food was good too, even if I am eating different these days. But they did have a delish roasted veggie wrap that was so yummy!!

The weather was not our friend and it was a challenge to stay cool with a temp of 98 and very sunny. And the heat also must have effected the guys because they lost the game to a team with low stats. Its kind of funny to because Friday they won 15 to 0- It was a cooler day also for the teams. Even with the heat it was a awesome day with friends and good times. Also got to see our new bridge in downtown Portland going into Hillsboro and it was sight. Scott and I didn’t get home till 11:30 that night.We want to do it again soon and if not this Summer then next for sure. On to the Gresham GreyWolves for Sunday a collage team.

This was a way different game with weather being only 82 and sitting in the shade that in its self was awesome. And wouldn’t you know it they won 7-2, The game started at 7:00 so we ate before the game. I did have the best shaved ice I ever had in a long time and that was my cheat for the month. Another awesome game of baseball with friends. Monday its the Portland Pickles will come back with all the details.  Maybe your thinking does she like baseball. Yes I love baseball ” I LIVE FOR THIS”







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