Day 516

Wednesday, July 26th 2017

Today was okay. It was still slow, although a tiny bit faster.

I was miserable in the morning and wanting time to go by quickly, but avoided checking what time it was and any complaining that would slow down time. It became a little easier after the guy I eat lunch with said “Your smile takes away my stress” and then went on to say I have a beautiful and innocent smile. It was sweet of him, and made me a less miserable. At lunch we discussed about marriage, since I was talking about Driver cause we might meet up again this weekend, and the topic of girlfriends and boyfriends came along then marriage, his wife, etc. He then said at the end that I’m young, shouldn’t concern myself with that and should just have fun haha.

The afternoon went by a little quicker, then at home I just relaxed, ate, went on my computer to search more names for my character (still can’t find one I like, maybe I just need to build my character a bit more), then played Rocket League with staff. I actually finally got to hear one of them’s voice and he sounds like an online friend I used to play with that is actually the one my brother goes to the U.S to meet sometimes, so my second mom joked about how he probably hid his voice because it is my friend, haha.

I then watched a very meta Supernatural episode consisting of a scene of Jensen and Jared acting as Dean and Sam acting as Jensen and Jared acting as Dean and Sam… Yeah, haha.

That’s all for today.

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