Sick Kitties

So since about last Thursday, my two kittens Iris and Missy, have been sneezing a lot. I didn’t think much of it at first because one of my other cats had started sneezing but stopped after two days.  I mean we had just sided one part of the house and had to cut out holes where the windows were going, so there was still some saw dust in the windowsills and maybe on the floor if my husband didn’t clean it well enough after I had gone to work. Since he was just finishing up putting the siding back on before going in and vacuuming up the dust, but he’s not exactly someone who would do a thorough job of that. 
But Flint got over the sneezing quick, but then the kittens started doing it. I thought the same thing, that they would get over it in a few days and everything will be okay then, but then Saturday the sneezing got worse. They sneezed way more often and it almost sounded as if it were a machine gun going off.  It was was spasms like that, that made me kinda wonder if it is really just a cold or something in their nose.
Then Sunday was when I was really wondering.  Missy started getting water eyes, which would be discharge, but I knew something was up then. I assumed it was allergies.
Well 6am Monday morning after waking up after a nap, I went to go sit in the dining room for a little bit and check on all the cats. Everyone was sleeping and the kittens came running up sneezing like crazy and this time Both Iris and Missy had watery eyes.  So I was like..Well… I think this isn’t good, but what really got me was when I went to lay back down until 8am when the vet opened- Missy, who hates cuddling with people, followed me to bed and laid in the crook of my arm in between me and Nathan and curled up and tried to get ‘warm’. I knew right then that something was seriously wrong because she doesn’t like to cuddle. Unless it’s while you watch tv she will lay in your lap…if you put her there. lol So I made sure she was covered with the blanket and let her sleep while I stayed awake until 8am and then i got up and made the apt. It wasn’t until 1:30pm so I was hoping she could handle waiting.
Well, long story short. They had fevers and Missy had an upper respiratory infection and Iris had just a sinus infection, but either one wasn’t good for them. Vet gave them vaccines and dewormer again and a antibiotic shot. Have to take a full dropper of antibiotic 2x a day for a few days and then go to 1x a day and if the other cats, since I have 7, start developing symptoms to give to them too until the medicine is gone. 
If the stuff if run out and the other cats still have symptoms I have to bring them in lol. How the hell would I bring in five cats lmao. Half of them hate the carriers…and one can’t even fit in one hahaha. He’s so fat. But I’ll have to invest in some new carriers. Most of my cats are bigger than their carriers. I don’t know how the people that made carriers thinks that is going to be big enough for most cats.  Three of mine are big, not fat – well Drifter is- but they are tall and bulky by nature. They barely fit in there. I’ve thought about buying those mesh ones that are bigger and give them better breathing while traveling and can see out of them better, but most of my cats will probably tear the shit out of it and escape lol 
But it’s been a few days and Iris is feeling MUCH better. She is now running around and playing again with only a few sneezes here and there. 
Missy is starting to feel better because she is moving around more instead of trying to sleep all the time. She’s still sneezing, but the coughing has gone away and her ears aren’t hot anymore so I assume her fever has come down, but a lot of the time she is in the sun so her ears get hot a lot anyway, but before I left for work her ears were cool to touch so it doesn’t seem like she’s feverish anymore. Yayyyy. So I’ll just give Iris one dropper from now on and give Missy two until her sneezing decreases. 
Today is my day off now, thursday, so I will be trying to visit family members that I haven’t been able to visit lately over the weekend. Mom was sleeping and my grandma Donna was off somewhere in the nursing home all weekend so I couldn’t find her. Grandma Tula was home So I visited with her and that was about it. So hopefully Donna is home today and I will see my mom after Nathan goes to work for the night. 
I don’t mind having a night to myself, but I don’t like when we are both working nights because I’m so scared something will happen at the house. A fire or someone decides to rob us. idk. I’m more scared of a fire. I opened a bunch of windows so if there was something, I’m sure Flint -The escape artist- will know to push harder to open the screens and jump out. So hopefully all of them will be okay. Ninja would probably break her fucking back jumping out of the window. Her midget self can’t do high jumps. 
UGH anyways! 
Better finish up my last 2 hours of work… by that I’m just gonna sit around and not really do much. lol

My babies

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