[27] ~*Fri – 07/28/17*~

[11:58 pm]

I really need to talk to my doctor about my finger. A few months ago it started itching and being all dry where I wear my wedding rings but it happened at the same time as my whole body was itching. As far as I know, my itchiness was caused by some soap I was using. It was so bad, I scratched myself so much my skin was raw and bruised. It looked like someone had beaten me up. I went through that for like two months before I could figure out what was causing it. Once I found what soap was causing it and stopped using it, the itching went away and my skin healed BUT that one finger never got any better. I will stop wearing my rings and put cream for a few days which will make it better. Once it looks OK, I put my rings back and it starts again. I don’t understand! Can’t be my rings causing it, could it be?! I’ve been wearing them for ages and it doesn’t do it when I wear them on other finger. Maybe it’s trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be married. Haha!

So today I slept in until almost noon as my first client had cancel. I went to my second client which I couldn’t find. He finally showed up when I was getting out the building. He had forgotten about me which he does a lot lately. His memory isn’t too great and getting worse. He was told not too long ago that he had dementia. He said he didn’t want to go out. Bleh! I could of slept in even longer if he would of called to cancel. I decided to go see my friend but she wasn’t home. She emailed me this morning saying she slept all day yesterday. Poor thing, we did kill her. I went back to see her when I was done work and we went to the Big Stop for food. I’ve been craving a darn breakfast for weeks now so I decided that tonight was the night and since there’s nowhere that serves breakfast all day we drove up to the Big Stop. It was delicious! I also gave her $50 as it will help her more than it will help me. Of course I can always use money as I don’t have a money tree but I know she needs it more than I do and hope it will help out with her car.

I can sleep in again tomorrow as my first client cancelled once again. I haven’t seen her for like a month now. It’s alright with me cause this way I’m sure she won’t ask to go to the beach which makes me super happy. I don’t want to go to the beach at all! I just hope she’s not mad at me for not taking her the last time we saw each other as she’s been cancelled since then. She probably has to work thought as it’s summer and they have summer camp at the University.

I wore my new sandals today and I’m really not sure about them. The strap is really thin and it keeps going under my non existing heel. I’ll try to make them work for the rest of the summer and get new ones first thing next year. I still need to get myself new sneakers. 

I kinda want to go to mom’s in two weeks since the Mon is a holiday and I’m off on Tue. Only prob, hub will be working. I was thinking that maybe I could go and bring my friend but I hate being apart from hub so I really don’t know if I should go without him. I’ll talk to him about it and see. We need yo start cleaning the old house which is stressing me. I have no idea what we’re gonna do with it and all the stuff that’s in it. A lot of stuff I’d like to keep but I don’t want it in my house and I don’t really want to pay to store it. Mom wants me to help her clean it but I never have time off. I do have vacations in Sept but I want to go camping in the tree house as we normally do. I just don’t know anymore and I don’t want to think about it or I’ll start stressing. 




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