23. Water fasting..

So. I’m not very confident in my skin. 

I try working out but for some reason I just feel like it’s not working for me. I do t know what to do anymore about my weight. 

Well, I was watching YouTube and came across a guy talking about water fasting for 3wks. Now.. this is you not eating for 3wks. Of course I’m not gonna do it for that long maybe just for a week. 

So im starting this tomorrow. Drinking water and not eating for 10 days. 

I hope it goes well. Im gonna do more resea ch about this so I can do it safely. 

One thought on “23. Water fasting..”

  1. Hey, not eating for 10 days will definitely reduce your weight but, I tell you, don’t do that. If you don’t eat OR eat less you will start feeling weak. Major thing is, your skin glowness will completely go and you start looking much more darker than before. Totally we get a patient look.
    I have skipped just my lunch an started having froutbowl instead. In one month I have lost 7 kg. But I started looking dark an so ugly and started feeling weak all the time. So then I started eating right and got my fairness back.
    Since you are interested in loosing weight, I tell you how I reduced my weight an it worked for all of my colleagues as well.
    All I did is Running. In 2 days you will come to know how effective it is.
    Running is the best exercise to loose weight. Within a week you would notice that your body will start feeling light weight. No exercise is required, just drink more water and start running.
    Walk and run, walk and run, like that do it for 5 km every day, thank me later 🙂

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