Day 26, 27 & 28 – 30 Days of Summer

Am I loving my staycation? Hells ya! The house is quiet and cool, the deck is sunny and hot, the wine is chilled and smooth.  What’s not to love?

I’ve gotten lots of work done this week, feel caught up and ready for next week. But mostly I feel amazing. I’m so happy for the boys, enjoying their vacation time without the “nagging wife”.

Who do you think is having the better time, me or them? Either way, we’re all enjoying life right now.

People are starting to complain about the heat and lack of rain. While I do know we need rain, I am selfish in my desires and I love the heat. I will never complain about it. Summer is my favourite. I don’t know how a sun lover like me ended up living in a place where it is only warm for a few short weeks a year.

Nevertheless I make the best of the short season and soak in every ray of sunshine I can.  So today, tomorrow and Sunday, when it hits temperatures close to +40 Celsius, I’ll fill up on my vitamin D and love every minute of warmth on my face and in my soul.

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