helpless people piss me off

and after several long minutes of music on youtube i’m less angry. just mildly disgusted at how people have such low self esteem they’ll stay with or go back to someone who hurt them on purpose.

you were fine before them. you’ll be fine after them.

i was, and i never thought i deserved or i’d find anything better. the thought of loneliness terrified me. the thought of having the shit and life beat out of me scared me more.

rip it off like a bandaid or tear it off slowly, just get it off. don’t say that the person who actively hurt you for funsies has changed so you’re taking them back. be honest with yourself if no one else.

and now i have to fricken pee again.

just.. please people. someone who loves you will not actively hurt you. someone who loves you will make you feel loved. not scared.

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