Update on that crush

 So the friend who I had a crush on and he said he didn’t feel the same way.  He starts hanging out with my friend from high school, and this friend made sure it was okay before agreeing to this.  This friend was recently in a not so good relationship, so I was like, yes, be happy.  And this goes on for a bit, and then my friend, who I should add, isn’t that comfortable with sex, says that my crush is on tinder and getting matches, and even though he probably won’t follow up with them because they’re too far away, the fact that he could isn’t okay with my friend, so he ends it.  Turns out my crush is kinda sex-obsessed, and he wasn’t when we lived in the same building.  So we don’t like him anymore.

But my friend pointed out something interesting to me, which is that this crush was a limp noodle when it came to text convos.  He just didn’t have the same level of enthusiasm with my friend unless the topic was sex.  And I, someone who never talks about sex, thought that this crush was a limp noodle because of me.  But I’m not the issue, he is!

This happened like a month or two ago, btw, but since sprout read my entry, I thought I’d make another one to let her know how that story ended.  If I see him on campus, I’ll be polite and friendly, because he is seriously cute and I can’t help it.  But I know what kind of person he is, now.

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  1. I mean, I definitely have less attachment to him, but he’s still aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. I guess I’m back, kinda?

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