[28] ~*Sat – 07/29/17*~

[6:14 pm]

Wasting a day away once again. I only had to work at 1 pm today so of course, I slept till I had to get ready for work. We went to the movie and saw The Emoji Movie which I wasn’t too sure about but it ended up being alright. After the movie, my client went home so I was done work around 4:30 which is kinda early. I wish it would be colder outside so I could mow the lawn since I have some time but of course, it’s like super hot again. My lawn starting to look terrible. I guess maybe it’s best that I don’t do it today cause my leg hurts when I walk where I got a cramp the other day. It’s quite annoying! I have a hard time walking. Talking about walking, I really don’t think that my new sandals will work. The strap keeps going under my non existing heel which makes it really hard to walk and I almost lose the sandal all the time. I can’t really return them anymore as I wore them for two days so it sucks, I’m stuck with them. I wish I could come up with a way to make it stop going under my “heel”.

I’m doing my laundry now which should be done not too late as I started early, that way I can go to bed earlier. I’m saying that but I’ll prob end up going to bed late anyways. Bleh! I was able to sleep in this morning but I didn’t get any more sleep than usual as I finally put my game and book down at 4 am. I really want to go to bed early tonight cause I have a feeling work will be hell tomorrow at the store cause of my leg. We shall see if I make it happen.

So I’m sitting at the PC and I’m about to watch Descendants 2 while farming, of course. I feel lazy! I also feel like I’m wasting another day away as I could be doing some cleaning. The house is in real need of cleaning BUT I really don’t feel like doing anything. I still have my paperwork to do for work and even that, I don’t feel like doing it. It’s been sitting there beside me for like an hour and meh! I might just do it tomorrow. I just can’t wait for summer to be done and over with and maybe stop feeling drained all the darn time.


Erm, I just went upstairs cause I wanted to get a drink before starting the movie and there’s something weird. Between the PC room and washroom there’s a piece of furniture, a TV stand that we use as a table. The stand has doors at the bottom which you need to push on to get them open and when you do you hear a click. I NEVER saw those doors open before unless I open them but just now I got out the PC room and one of the door was open. I never heard the click but then again, I had the headset on listening to music so I wouldn’t of heard it. Like I said, I never saw that door opened before so I have no clue if the cat is able to open it as she would sorta have to push on the door with her head or something to make it open. I know she can open cupboard doors no problem but this one a little trickier. Now, I have no idea how the door got opened but it was.. could it be my dad finally giving me a sign?! I don’t know.. I want to believe it is him but I just don’t know.

Anyways, while I was upstairs I decided to do the dishes and clean the suggies kitchen even thought it’s hub job. He said he would do it when he’d get back from work as he’s done at 8 tonight but I just did it. He can give them food!

I guess I should start that movie if I want to finish it before hub gets back home and want the PC. I have a headache again and I feel really tired suddenly so I think I might just go to bed after the movie. I would actually go right now but I’m still doing laundry.

Umm.. I kept thinking about that door that was opened and how I just said I don’t know how the cat would of opened it. Well, there’s another stand upstairs in the kitchen with the same concept where you need to push in the door to open it and she did use to open that one all the time now that I think about it. She did a few times at the house but not that much, she used to do it at the apartment cause we had her treats in there. We had to buy one of those baby lock thing to put on the handles so she wouldn’t open the door anymore. So yea.. could and probably is her that just opened that door. Sad! I was hoping it was my dad!




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