Addiction (for Erica)

I don’t know how it happened, I’m so conflicted
It was once a choice but now I’ve become addicted
I smoked some marijuana, it helped to soothe my pain
Now I smoke so much, it’s caused relationship strain
What more can I do when the doctors have no clue
I take relief where I can get it, whatever gets me through
They give me all these pills and none of them do the trick
It’s really hard to function when you constantly feel sick
So to help me to be able to function, I light up a joint
So yea, I’m addict but that’s not the crucial point
It doesn’t help when you yell that I didn’t get something done
It’s not like I’m running around and having all sorts of fun
I wish you would focus on the fact that I’m doing my best
Despite my intentions, some days I just need to rest
So yes, I’m an addict, must we continue with this strife
Unfortunately this addiction is a necessity in my life

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