Happy Friday!

Got up and had to run around to get the claim going for the accident I got in last Saturday. Had to call around and figure out what I’m gonna do with repair and treatment… so annoying and took up lots of my time and energy. Just want to get over it. Got to the office around 1 PM and had a lunch. Today’s lunch was so good! probably the one of the best we ever had in the office. Spent most of day working on the prototype for cancellation and got little bit of time to catching up with all other projects but definitely need more time to organize everything. Too much going on lol Can’t wait to have more designer in the team.

Back home around 6 PM but couldn’t really focus on work from 5 cause people were moving seats around all over the office. Too much going on for sure lol. Back home, doing laundry and catching up with all journals for past couple days. 7:25 PM now and will head out for Friday night skate around 8:30 PM. Well, that’s pretty much it for today.

Have a great Friday all!

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