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I don’t think there is a definition for love, but I can describe it from how she makes me feel, it is not a feeling but a choice. Every day when I wake up and see that glow the sunlight gives her face, her blond hair spread across the pillow, her sleepy blue eyes staring at me with all the joy it could show, how can I not love this special being?

The sound of her laughter is the kind of melody I want to listen to for the rest of my days, and it echoes within me when she is miles away. The look she gives me when I decide not to eat because of the deadline from work, how she crosses her arms and says “you either eat or I’m walking out,” I don’t think she knows how cute that makes her look. She is perfect, I don’t think she believes me when I tell her, but it has never stopped me. Staring at this ring, the stone is just like the color of her eyes, and I know this is who I want to live and die with.

I wrote this story because I believe in the power of love.

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