Saturday July 29th

Yesterday I took 3 loads of stuff to my school. I also took a load of stuff to goodwill. Today, I did my park walk and got cleaned up with the intention of going to the natural history museum, but I had forgotten my NYCID, and I wasn’t about to pay $27 to get in when I could get in for free with that ID. So, I just wandered back up to 86th street and then took the train home. I did go to an open house today on 96th street- it was a studio apartment that was so freaking tiny. There is a couple living there now. Holy shit, how are 2 people living in that space??? My place is huge compared to that! I’m just really aggravated with my place right now. I had 2 packages stolen this week from the lobby, I still have no working stove, my door knob falls off regularly after I’ve asked for it to be fixed- all they do is tighten the fucking stripped screw so in a few days it’s right back like it was- falling the fuck off- I have a piece of plastic that is taped into place rather than a bathroom window. It’s all so fucking frustrating. I have been trying to look for another place the past few days, but I can’t find shit. Oh, and I almost forgot! There is also graffiti in the stairwell now that may be gang tags. Awesome. Fucking awesome. 

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