The Usual

It’s been the same for the past few days. I finally had a night off from work since I’ve been picking up some extra shifts for the double time they are paying at work. I’ll get taxed up the wazzo, but it’s still extra money that I could use.
But It was a good day, I did plan on getting up around noon to go visit my grandma in the nursing home and then going to visit my mom, but I was too tired to get up at noon and just stayed sleeping until Nathan woke up at 4pm. Then I spent the two hours before he left for work just spending time with him. 
After he left I went to town and visited my mom for a little bit. Sometimes me and her can get along really well and NOT fight, and there’s times it’s like she wants to start fighting. I know it’s not really her wanting to start fights I think it’s whatever is wrong with her. She has a lot of health problems and she doesn’t tell me what is going on. So, I’m assuming there is something going on with her mind that’s causing her mood to change almost drastically. 
But Thursday was a good visit. It was three hours long, but didn’t seem that long. We talked and laughed a lot so it was good to have a good visit with her. I missed her a lot. I mean I see her maybe one time a week because she will ask me to get diet pepsi or cigarettes for her when I’m on my way to work. It was kind of funny because we somehow got on the subject of some celebrities and who was in what movie and Wayne Knight popped into my head and I couldn’t figure out who Wayne Knight was.  So, while I was looking it up online, I asked my mom as well,….Her response was, “Isn’t that Batman?”  And when she said that the photo of Wayne Knight showed up and I laughed so hard at it.  I guess it was a had to be there moment. It was pretty funny and felt good to laugh like that. 
Then we went and sat in the backyard a little bit and watched three bunnies in their yard trying to dig up their lilies. My mom, who is weird, started waving her arms in the air and making these weird ass noises and the bunnies just stopped and stared at her like….What the fuck. I was laughing but I was embarrassed that some neighbors would look outside and see her.  My dad then heard her and walked out of the garage, where he was drinking, and was like “What the hell are you doing?”  Then he saw the bunnies and kept trying to chase them off by walking over to them and they would run into the alley and then run around the shed and come back in the yard. It took my dad 20 minutes to try get them out of the yard… then as soon as he went in the garage they came back lol. 
That was about 9:30pm and I had to end my visit early because I really wanted to go to the store and get some ice cream because I’ve been craving ice cream, but when am I not craving sugar though. I’m so overweight because of eating too much crap lol
But then I went home and I started cleaning a lot.  The living room was vacuumed and swept and windows were opened to let in fresh air for the cats.  Cleaned my kitchen and did some dishes and made some brownies.  Then I literally played Skyrim for 7 hours. haha The night goes by really fast when you do that. It took me 7 years to complete the main quest. I mean I stopped playing for like three years and I would only play a little bit here and there after we had moved to the country. So last night, I was busting my butt trying to get my smithing up so I could make better armor and ran around to different towns for hours trying to get enough health potions so keep me alive…well. I didn’t even need them. I only used 2 health potions…for that entire ending of the quest. It was to be the hardest part and it was the easiest…since apparently my levels were so high, but to me they weren’t lol. So I did that and snapchat with my friend Lisa through those 7 hours and she laughed at me a lot. 
But I waited until Nathan got home and spent some time up with him and we went to bed then. He was going to go to the city to get more insulation, but he didn’t.  Probably going to do that in the morning now, so that he has everything for when he decides to rip the siding off again and pull windows out and put up a bunch of boards.  I wish he would ask a friend to help him out because he gets so pissed doing it by himself and then I get the brunt of it. Or I ask him if he needs help and he will tell me no, and then yell at me that I’m not helping. Ugh. Dreading it. I’m wondering how we are going to take the door out and try keep all 7 of our cats from getting outside.  Ugh.  
Well, I hope he doesn’t do any of this siding shit until it cools off because I am not going to help when it’s been as hot as it has, plus he better do the side that the bedroom is on, on one of my days off so I don’t lose sleep for work.. 

Speaking of kitties, my two kittens are feeling better. Playing and running around a lot more now. Still got some sneezing and coughing, but not as bad as it was. I’m so glad they are getting better.

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