[29] ~*Sun – 07/30/17*~

[7:46 pm]

I’ve been super lucky this past week with morning cancellation but faw, I still feel very shitty. Last night I ended up going to bed when hub got home at barely 9. Of course, I did some reading but didn’t take long for me to feel too tired to read so I put my book down and decided I was going to close my eyes for a lil. Yea right! I think I slept like an hour cause it was a lil past 9 when I got in bed and I didn’t read that much and it was 10:40 when I woke up. I went to the washroom and decided to read a little more. I also decided to check if I could find an app where I could straight up download music on my phone as I wanted to listen to something to fall asleep. I found a great app called Music Download Pro. I didn’t really checked it out, I just downloaded a few songs from Lindsey Stirling which I was very surprised to find on there. I was listening to some music to fall asleep but I had my earbuds and then I was like “wait a sec, if I fall asleep with these then my alarm will ring in my earbuds and I won’t hear it in the morning cause they will more than likely fall out my ears” so I stopped listening to music to be on the safe side. I was very tired as I fell asleep when reading and then it took me forever to fall back asleep. My brain didn’t want to stop. I kept thinking about everything and anything and it just didn’t want to let me sleep. So I guess in the end I didn’t really sleep any longer than usual. Bleh!

Work wasn’t too too bad considering that my leg was still hurting this morning. I’ve put something on my leg today, don’t know how you call those, but it was putting a little pressure where it was sore and it helped. It was a pain kneeling to clean thought. The store looked a little better than last week but not that much so the manager will prob have a fit once again.

Hub still didn’t clean the kitchen during the night or before work. He said he would do it when he gets home but we all know that I will do it for him. I need to do the dishes, which there isn’t much and I need to put away the laundry of yesterday. I also want to take a nice bath but I have a feeling that I will fall asleep in it. I sorta want to do the dishes and laundry first but I feel so yucky and sweaty that I think I will go in the tub real soon.

I’m craving some ice cream right now. I just talked to hub and he told me to go get some at this dairy bar which is like half an hour away. Now I want to go but I don’t feel like going all the way there by myself. I just called my friend but of course she’s not home so looks like I won’t be going there. I wish they had the ice cream I like here in town. Of course, they don’t! Now I don’t know if I should go get some at DQ or McDonald’s or just stay home. I really really want some but I don’t want to get dress. Bleh! Wish I could go in the drive thru naked. Bouhaha!

Meh! I’m just gonna go lay in the tub..


[10:11 pm]

Screw doing the dishes or putting away the laundry. Hub can clean the suggies kitchen when he gets home and I’ll just do the rest tomorrow as there’s only a few things. I’ll also put away the laundry tomorrow as I really don’t feel like doing anything anymore. I took a relaxing bath and I knew it was a bad idea to take the bath first but I just felt so yucky that I had too. Now I’ll be watching Before I Fall. I still want some ice cream thought. I’m really debating on going right now. Arg! I don’t want to get dress or drive but… I want it. I don’t even remember what this movie is about but let’s watch it and hopefully forget about that delicious ice cream.




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