Aunt’s House and College

 Tonight I visited my aunts house and it’s my ‘cheat day’ for my diet. So I binged on ice cream and Chinese food. I get to spend the night in my cousins bed since he’s away in Las Vegas with friends, so yay for me!

I was tempted to leave him a note to let him know I was sleeping in his bed, just so make him feel weird since he doesn’t know I’ve used his bed for the last two weekends when I came to visit. It’s awesome, in a weird sort of way. Plus, his bed is like heaven, comfy and extra sheets and soft pillows!

I’m using this day off from my workouts(though I did work out, so technically not a day off) to plan for college and graduation from high-school. I’m excited about both, though I have a year before I’m officially graduated from high-school. There’s a recent program in my area that offers community college to students in high-school or anyone who wants to join. So I decided that once I get comfortable with this school year’s schoolwork that I would go ahead and join some classes with my mother and her friend. I might try to get a sit-down position if I can get up enough credits to get a degree.I just want something simple that I can use to support myself, so I have some income. Though I can always get a part-time job, I really need to be able to have a full-time job eventually, especially if I don’t know what I REALLY want to do at the moment. Though I’m trying to get into modeling, since my mother used to be a runway model.


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