Hearing Voices After Channeling Spirits : Repetion Tactics

August 9, 2017

11:02 pm

   The voices have remained somewhat on the milder side this evening, though they have been active. At this moment I’m hearing a faint voice speaking directly into my left ear. The voice is faint….but there’s a distinctness to it.

  I’m trying not to listen to what the voices are saying…but some of it gets through……it’s just the same old crap….the same old Kool-Aid that they always say.

 They’re still going on about how they are “higher life forms.” Do they need to reassure themselves of this constantly to make themselves feel better?

 They’ve used repetition as a deliberate tactic many times before, but I’m just not so sure that this is the case this time. They’ve been saying this for several months now. It’s getting damn old. If they want to call themselves “higher life forms” all day then whatever…..if it wasn’t this they were chattering about, it would just be something else.

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