On Some Nights …..

August 9, 2017

8:51 pm

   The voices are moderately active so far this evening. They are not particularly strong, talking all frantic or talking all at once like they sometimes do. They seem to be a bit more subdued so far this evening, but when I do hear them, I am hearing them quite clearly.

  On some nights, I’ll experience what I call a “bombardment of voices.” This is when the voices are all talking at once. When this happens, they are usually speaking over a steady background noise (such as my air conditioner or refrigerator). When this occurs, it’s hard to distinguish how many separate voices I am hearing or even what they are saying (partly because I’m not really trying to listen to what they are saying). 

 But, then there will also be other nights, like tonight has been so far, where the voices are not bombarding me all at once….sometimes moments will go by before I hear a voice speak….but when they speak more sporadic like this….I also hear what they are saying more clearly, even though again….I’m not really trying to listen.

  I’m not sure if this is some kind of deliberate tactic of theirs….or if they just don’t feel like talking as much on some nights. I just don’t know to be honest.

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