EVP Danger : Voices Harassment


July 30, 2017

1:00 am

   The voices of these negative spirit attachments have been active this evening, but not that severe. I tried to rest earlier when I got home from work but “they” seriously disturbed my rest by causing me to feel the physical disturbances. I’m low on sleep-aid tonight. I just took what I had left and I’ll be turning in in a few minutes here. I’m sure that I’ll probably experience the physical disturbances again, but I think that I’m tired enough that I’ll fall asleep quickly. I will see.


July 30, 2017

9:18 am

   I made it off to sleep fairly easy last night. These negative spirit attachments caused me some minor physical disturbances and I heard a few voices coming up through my pillow (which is a common tactic of theirs these days). But, all in all things were not that bad. It was cooler out last night, so I did not run my air conditioner which kept the voices much fainter as they did not have a source of background noise to project their voices over.

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