A Danger of Spirit Communication : Voices from the Machines

August 13, 2017

9:43 am

  I got to sleep last night easy enough without any significant harassment from these negative spirit attachments. They are active this morning….I am hearing the usual voices but things are rather mild comparatively.

  Mostly this morning, I have been hearing the voices coming in over the noise of my refrigerator. I know this sounds strange….but these entities seem to use steady background sounds in the environment as a microphone so to speak. When I’m around a steady source of background noise, the voices seem much louder to me. 

  Though, there are occasions where I’m in a noisy environment and I’m expecting to here these intrusive voices and I don’t.  So, sometimes they choose to simply not speak as much or not at all.

 Back in the Spring of 2015, when my oppression situation was at it’s peak…..the voices seemed to be intense all the time….especially around background noises. But, I have noticed more recently that in some occasions and in some situations where I expect these entities to amp things up and bombard me with voices….they don’t. However, there are still plenty of instances when they do, so I’m not saying that this is an indication of massive change in my situation….but it is something I’ve noticed in regards to how they operate (so to speak) these days.

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