A Danger of Spirit Communication

August 11, 2017

12:52 am

  I’m about to turn in for the night. I’m up a bit later that I should be. I’ll most likely pay for it tomorrow. The voices of these negative spirit attachments have been active this evening, but tonight at least, they didn’t get to an extreme level.

  Mostly they were just hurling critical and judgmental statements at me. Nothing new here. The content of their words has little effect on me now anyway. I recognize them as bullshitters. So, whatever they say….I mostly just assume it’s more bullshit.

  I haven’t experienced the physical disturbances all that much tonight at least. But, that might change once I go to bed, that’s still the most common time when they’ll start hitting me with the physical disturbances. That much has not changed at least. But, recently they seem to be also attempting to cause me to feel these physical disturbances during the day as well. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. They’ll often try and bother me with it while I’m at work, but it is much milder than what I sometimes experience at night.

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