In hell. What’s happening to my life!?

I can’t figure out what I did so wrong to deserve what’s going on.

My daughter did something awful. Terrible and we had to put her in a hospital. She was there for a week.

I feel a custody battle is going to happen and not even with the father because he doesn’t want her around.

This is nuts. Life will never be the same.

She changed her life in one night.

Life is FOREVER changed.

I don’t know how to deal, but I am dealing. I’ll never give up on her. I’ve always been the one getting her help and all that. My husband and I do EVERYTHING a parent is suppose to do.

All these other people just give stuff.

I’m done. FOOT DOWN. DONE!

If they fight me it will get ugly.. tired of being bullied.

2 thoughts on “In hell. What’s happening to my life!?”

  1. What did she do, if I can even ask?? I know what hell i put my parents thru and would like to support(give my side of the story, explain the effects 10+yrs later). I feel like the words you wrote spoke to me and i can give my insight???

  2. I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this.

    What she did was truly awful and her dad still has nothing to do with her, but honestly it’s not much different anyway.. I think it’s his scape goat.

    She did.. things.. to her 5 year old sister. I guess it’s hard for me to type.

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