Sleepless nights ahead.

Well this is my first entry! 

Ugh, I’d love to no when life got so hard, some days I wake up and have no energy to do anything to speak to anyone to even be me.. sometimes I feel alone even tho I know very well that I’m not, but do people really want to no how you are doing. Or do they just wanr to hear  you  say your fine, or I’m “ok” just tired. 

What will they say when you say your not okay. And even more that you don’t no why your not okay. Your just not, you feel something is missing, even tho you are getting married in 2 months to someone who you truly love, even tho you have 2 beautiful daughters, but something’s missing, is it just not having a career of my own or not feeling like I have enough purpose? Is it that I put too much pressure on myself to be the perfect mum and soon to be wife. 

Or is it that I lie awake for hours of a night thinking and thinking and thinking.

who knows i wish I had the answers..


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