Things I Hate and/or Annoy Me In No Particular Order

  1. People that don’t get their dogs spayed or neutered
  2. People that wear Crocs
  3. People that wear sandals that are too small and their toes and/or heels are hanging off of the foot bed
  4. People that walk slow in the middle of the sidewalk
  5. People that walk on the left side of the sidewalk
  6. People that litter
  7. People that listen to music in public on their phone without headphones
  8. People that have phone conversations on speaker phone in public places
  9. People that chew gum
  10. People that don’t clean up after their dogs
  11. People that ride bikes on the sidewalk

One thought on “Things I Hate and/or Annoy Me In No Particular Order”

  1. People that think they are above me and block every damn aisle when i just want one thing

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