[30] ~*Mon – 07/31/17*~

[8:32 pm]

Another spoiled day! I didn’t think my client of this morning was going to cancel as she normally does it the day before but at like 7:50 this morning I got a text saying she had cancelled. That was fine with me, more sleeping. I then got another text around 10:45 saying that my last client of the day had also cancelled. That said, I once again only had to work from 12 to 4. I’m so spoiled! I can’t believe a week as already passed. Mom was here a week ago and I had my hair done a week ago. Where does the time go?! I need to wash my hair tonight and I don’t really want to cause it looks so nice and I know the color will start fading once I wash it. Bleh! Wish I could do without washing it for the two months. Haha! Then I would just have to deal with the roots and not the fading and stripping of the color. Oh well!

The movie I watched last night was good and sad. I felt aww after watching it. I waited for hub to get home from work and asked him to go get me some ice cream at McDonald’s. He cleaned the suggies kitchen and then went to get me some, he’s so nice. I see that he already cleaned the kitchen for tonight which is good. I’ll be doing the dishes a lil later as I want to watch Game Of Thrones. I also need to put the laundry away. I was supposed to mow the lawn today as well but of course, it was way too warm to do it. Bleh! Every time I have a chance to do it, it’s too warm. I wish I could do it during the night. Ima put a spotlight on the lawn mower and do it. I’m about to pay someone to come do it this once because it’s getting pretty ugly. It’s not too bad in the evening cause you don’t see the dandelions as they are “sleeping” but during the day it’s pretty ugly.

So, today, I slept in. Yay me! After work I was hungry, as always, so I called my friend to see if she wanted to come eat with me. I normally go out to eat with my client on Mon but since she cancelled I was by myself. I should of been a good girl and come eat at home but I didn’t feel like it. Since mom had giving me her Casino card I wanted to go there to play her $5 as seniors get $5 play money on Mondays. My friend is also a senior so she gets one as well. I wasn’t too sure if we were gonna eat there but I wanted to at least go play that money cause you never know, could turn that $5 into a $500. I wish! When we got to the kiosk to get our money my friend realized that she had forgotten her card in the machine the last time we were there. Way to go her! So we had to go to the customer service desk to get her a new card. While she did that I went to the security desk to ask about my mom’s angel and someone had found it and returned it. WOW! I’m very impressed. So I got her angel back. We walked around for a while deciding which machine we were gonna play on when finally my friend decided on a machine and it had the same machine I had won my $550 on last time so I decided to play that one. It wasn’t the machine I had played on but the same kind of one. I turned mom $5 play into a $40. I gave my friend $20 and paid for our meal at the Casino where we decided to eat since we were already there and her meal was cheaper today as it’s senior day. Since she now had some money, she wanted to get some Diet Coke so I decided to take her to Costco as it was cheaper and I had ordered some pills so I needed to go there anyways.

I tried calling  mom to tell her I had her angel and that I made some money with her free $5 but of course, she’s not home. I’m pretty sure she worked this morning as she normally works the morning on Mon so I wonder where she’s at now.

So that’s pretty much it for my day. My leg seems to be better and isn’t really sore anymore which is good cause I was starting to worry as I had those cramps on Thu which is four days ago. The soreness doesn’t normally last that long and I didn’t really wanted to go see the doctor. I still didn’t go for a walk with my client as I really didn’t feel like walking. I need to get back to it cause her parents won’t be too happy. I sorta use the “it’s too warm to walk” excuse but really we could go to the mall and walk around as a lot of people do that instead of walking outside. Meh! I’m not paid enough to be tortured. Haha!

I guess I should get going if I want to watch my show then do the dishes, put the laundry away and take a shower. Still not looking forward that shower as I need to wear some gloves if I don’t want my hands to be all purple and blue. The joys of dying your hair. It’s so pretty but so messy!




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